How we got here

Policy Dialogue 2011: Digital Technologies for 21st Century Democracy

Club de Madrid started analyzing and crafting recommendations to reap the benefits and address the challenges of communications technologies as early as 2011. In our 2011 Policy Dialogue, some of the world’s most experienced and inspirational political and business leaders, policymakers and scholars took an in-depth look at the increasingly complex relationships between governments, their citizens and communication technologies. We discussed how big data and networks are revolutionizing governance and democracy and outline a series of principles for the implementation of 21st-century democracy.

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Roundtable: Next Generation Democracy in North America

This Next Generation Democracy Roundtable held in 2018 touched upon many topics relevant for democracy in North America, including populism, the influence of social media in the public discourse, trade, economic relations and migration.

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Roundtable: Global Governance for Information Integrity

Club de Madrid detected a demand for solutions to the challenges related to the distribution of information online. This is why on 27 September 2018, Club de Madrid held a Roundtable on Global Governance for Information Integrity in Riga. Download below the outcome document from the Roundtable. 

Download ‘Protecting Information Integrity

Roundtable: Club de Madrid discusses links between online information and declining trust in democratic institutions

Club de Madrid’s Board of Directors led a Roundtable on ‘Trust in Democracy’ held in London on 28 March 2019 to analyse the links between low trust in democratic institutions and the regulation of information online. Held in partnership with Edelman, discussions derived from the firm’s Trust Barometer and analysed citizens’ trust in democratic institutions. Club de Madrid discussed proposals to address disinformation in the digital space and the future of democracy.

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Policy Dialogue 2019: Digital Transformation and the Future of Democracy: How can Artificial Intelligence drive Democratic Governance

Club de Madrid convened its Annual Policy Dialogue in Madrid on 21-22 October 2019 in partnership with the IE School of Global and Public Affairs to discuss the implications of digital transformation and artificial intelligence for fundamental rights, the future of the social contract in the data economy, and trust and public debate in the face of disinformation.

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Live Session: A New Social Contract in the Age of AI – Protection of Privacy Rights in the Times of COVID-19

Club de Madrid and partner Boston Global Forum organised this online policy discussion on 12 May 2020 to exchange views and actionable ideas for a democratic governance of emerging technologies, artificial intelligence, focusing on their impact on the right to privacy.

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Live Session: Digital Technologies, Elections and Democracy in times of COVID-19

Club de Madrid and the Boston Global Forum analysed ways to improve electoral governance in the COVID-19 era. For example, how can we hold electoral processes during a pandemic while maintaining political and electoral rights?

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Policy Lab 2020: Transatlantic Approaches on Digital Governance – A New Social Contract on Artificial Intelligence

The Policy Lab ‘Transatlantic Approaches on Digital Governance’ focused on the need to create a new social contract on digital technologies and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It also offered policy recommendations for better global governance in the digital area.

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